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     Nervous system reset 
Destress the body/mind/soul
         Attachment leads to suffering
                                               Detach to flow
A more peaceful life with fullfilment 
Appreciation of what is.

Dare to dip into the Ocean of Grace that surrounds us all

It is Life Force Energy of a dimensional kind. 
It assists one into their Wholeness, their Soulness
through harmonizing the duality within to make a chord of Divine Bliss,
resulting in the transmutation of fear, suffering into
Love Unconditional

and What Is
Even through storms of yours and others


for relief to an anxiious, stressed and pained mind, body and soul

Awaken from the Dream 
            Reclaim your Divinity


In Person Session

Forget your stories, forget yourself and remember who you really are, LOVE

A High Heart Energy treatment for mental stillness, perspective clarity, nervous system reboot, stress shedding, realignment

Online  Session

Energy flows where

attention /intention goes. 

Remote session in the

comfort of your own home.

*Prior session with any Energy practitioner recommended before having remote


The Love you withhold is the Pain that you carry.

Steve Ochoa


My name is Steven. As a dancer, singer, actor I've got to perform in many masks, beyond the personal one that I get to play in daily. It led me too looking what's beyond the masks. Who am I? What is this all about? What's the purpose? Questions we all have. After 18 years in NYC, I moved back to Texas, got lost in Austin, lost family and have now re emerged to share this things I love. A Love that I've been practicing for the past 11 years. Perfecting and moving to a greater capability to hold more of this divine love energy in all my being. It's become a dance. I see now that my love of dancing in the physical was training for my love of dancing in the etheric, energetic.

I've been practicing in the frequency healing arts for over 30 years and spiritual journey forever. The benefits of the energy service I provide helps one find peace, stillness from the stresses of the ego mind, body tension dissolves it will decompress the spine and unwind the mind. It can help dissolve pain, of the mental, physical kind.  also reconnects one to their Infinite Divine Consciousness, the Expanded Self. Wholeness is Ego and Infinite Self together. 


called by many names...Grace Descending, Life Force, Soul Essence, Ensoulment, Higher Self, Sangrael, the Grail, the Everblooming Rose, Implosive charge collapse, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Instant...


What's in a name? That which we call a rose,

By any other name would smell as sweet.


If only you knew what bliss I find in
being nothing 


Unconditional Love dissolves blockages in the energetic pathways that prohibit one from perceiving the extraordinary beauty that we are a part of. 

Coming Soon 
The Middle Path
Neutral Observer

If you are willing to sit in the silence of being no one, the zero point, you will discover that this is the point of emergence of infinite potentiality, infinite beauty, infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite spiritual power. And it is the place of peace


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Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

Treat everyone you meet as if they are God in drag

Ram Dass

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