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The Perfect Squeeze
healing Lifetimes of War wounds

In Person Group and Online Circle
coming soon

Email to Book:

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Come forget who you think you are, dance with me in the vast sea of LOVE, the ocean of plasma we all live in but may not always feel. Let your stress melt away as your thoughts fade into the space where peace and joy dwell . 

What to expect: 

  • Sessions last 30 minutes with a 10 minute change over for each table. Book ahead or just show up. I will have at least 2 tables.

  • I will have music playing and most likely I'll be making noises and sounds, as the energies that come in are intense for my body and mind till I relax into them. Pay no mind.  

  • Feel free to move around on the table, don't feel like you're stuck. Cry,'s safe to express. 

  • It's possible you may experience tingles, muscle twitches, body movements, emotions...while on the table or you may not feel anything 


  • It's hard to predict as far as what happens to you on the table.

  • The best outcome would be for thoughts to be harder to hang onto. The thing is it's hard to describe. It's energetic. It can be very stress relieving. it can be blissful. Look on my testimonials page for an idea of possibility. 

  • So, the person is on a table. I go into Presence, deeper Presence and energy flows through, activating the energy points, shushumna, nadis, chakras. It's like a reboot., nervous system calming., Like sweeping out the cobwebs and dropping the backpack of stories you've been carrying around. The weight can be lifted.

  • And in that lifted, lucid state things can change, rearrange, expand, support you in your Emergence

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