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The Divine in U

Nourish your soul and discover the Universe in U.

Recognize consciously what U were once unconscious of.

The field of consciousness is opening up, giving us more tools to unlock lenses of perception, revealing even more mysteries of what it is to be human, what it is to be U. The road to euphoria and bliss is sought out by many, particularly now. But how do U get there? The mind is all that prohibits ones ability to sense the bliss, the subtle energies of reality. Unwinding the mind is like delayering an onion. Armoring are the layers. Armoring is manifested by stress and time, an unconscious measure we employ naturally to protect our heart, our being. As you delayer, let go, surrender, more illumination of U is revealed, your Heart is set free to expand and your ability to shed stress and reimagine living more stress free becomes easier. Health of being for optimal clarity of density and frequency is more available. U synch up to the recognition of the reality that we are in constant interaction with - the field of life energy plasma, otherwise known as Bliss, Heaven, LOVE, Nirvana, Elysium... the holy spirit, the super force, zero point. The 5th dimension, where magic, instant manifestation, miracles dwell.

The awareness of U in the Universe is the meaning you search for.

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