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Come forget who you think you are, dance with me in the vast sea of LOVE, the ocean of plasma we all live in but may not always feel. Let your stress melt away as your thoughts fade into the space where peace and joy dwell . 

What to expect: 

  • Sessions last 30 minutes to an hour

  • I will have music playing and most likely I'll be making noises and sounds, as the energies that come in are intense for my body and mind till I relax into them. If a remote session, you find a place to lay down with comfort, where you can be on you back, side etc. Relaxed. and you can play your own music 

  • Feel free to move around on the table, don't feel like you're stuck. Cry,'s safe to express. 

  • It's possible you may experience tingles, muscle twitches, body movements, emotions...while on the table or you may not feel anything 


  • It's hard to predict as far as what happens to you on the table.

  • The best outcome would be for thoughts to be harder to hang onto. The thing is it's hard to describe. It's energetic. It can be very stress relieving. it can be blissful. Look on my testimonials page for an idea of possibility.


  • So, the person is on a table. I go into Presence, deeper Presence and energy flows through, activating the energy points, shushumna, nadis, chakras. It's like a reboot., nervous system calming., Like sweeping out the cobwebs and dropping the backpack of stories you've been carrying around. The weight can be lifted.

  • And in that lifted, lucid state things can change, rearrange, expand, support you in your Emergence into your Wholeness

About Steven

Performing/Healing Artist



My first experience of energy happened in Milan, Italy 1987-8, while on tour with a French Ballet company performing in the Balanchine Ballet, Jewels in the Rubies segment. The prima ballerina taught me meditation one day and directed me to feel between my fingers, discovering bio-magnetics for the first time. After hours of single focus on the bio-magnetic energy I could feel between my hand, a blue cloud of light and lightening began to appear between my hands. So I could feel it, and now I could see it. This stuff is REAL! 


My formal training in the healing arts started in the early 1990's while being a performing artist in NYC, in Broadway shows and concert dance mostly.


In between Broadway show gigs, I trained in Pranic Healing, then Reiki, while reading as much as I could on subjects of energy healing. These were the days before internet, but thankfully I was in Manhattan, so it made my search a little easier. With my daily practice of meditation (up to 5 hours at a time) and the energy work I was receiving and performing on myself, I realized that my psychology was shifting. Perception shifting through Forgiveness technique I use. I wasn’t emotionally triggered as I used to be, not playing victim any longer (Life Spring), and was more confident in auditions. The many masks we wear on the awareness journey to our Authentic Self. 


It wasn’t until I broke my foot onstage performing as Mistoffelees in CATS, that I decided to train in Massage Therapy. It became more clear that the energy work I had trained in also affected the physical body, so I thought it important to learn about the physical body and body therapies. I studied at the Swedish Institute of Manhattan where I learned Swedish and Medical massage, as well as Shiatsu. Throughout this process I continued to perform on Broadway, and in touring and dance shows. As I worked more with clients with my training in Esogetic Colorpuncture, I understood that the mind is indeed powerful, as it was at the root of pain and disease. I learned and experienced that what I was seeking in healing the body was in fact a way of healing the mind.


I got to travel to many of the world’s ancient sites including the Pyramids of Egypt and down the Nile. Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Nazca, Lake Titicaca, Taj Mahal, Greek amphitheaters, Temple of Delphi. 

N, S and Central America, Japan, India, Africa N&S, Europe… With more exploration to come. 


After 18 years living in Hells Kitchen, NYC, I relocated back to Texas…Austin, 2004.


Born in Victoria, TX and grew up outside Houston in Richmond. Went to college in Canyon TX at WTSU (1983, when it was still called that) on a Voice scholarship. Transferred my major to Dance the first semester there. Was accepted to the School of American Ballet summer program for 2 summers on scholarship. It’s the school for the NYC Ballet at Juilliard. 

Got my first Broadway show at 23, in 1988 with Jerome Robbin’s Broadway at the Imperial Theater. 

Other Broadway shows include, Carousel, Twelfth Night, CATS, Fosse(tour), Chess(tour),Sweet Smell of Success, Wild Party(off-Broadway)…some others I’m sure, but can’t remember. Originated the ‘father’ role in Andrew Hinderacker’s “Colossal”, UT Austin & Washington DC. 




Currently I specialize in Presence, the I AM Presence and apply it through a profound energy healing art form called Emergence Care. I am now branching it out for groups online, holding a space of Grace Descending (Presence) and sharing how to get into Presence.   


I am also trained in multiple healing art disciplines. 

Graduated from the Swedish Institute in NYC in 1998. 

Trained in Swedish/medical Massage and Shiatsu, Table Thai, Body Enlightening, Cranial Sacral, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Crystal Healing, QiGong, Ashtanga yoga, tantric massage…


I attended a mystery school in NYC (Aquarian Foundation), and sang in church choirs in my younger years, but I never was a member of a church. I grew up across the street from a Catholic Church. The family attended service, till the ‘Father’ got physically abusive with his disciplinary methods. My question growing up was, “where is the Love?”, “I don’t want to be here”, now I’m thrilled to be on planet in the greatest duality show there is in the Universe.


*Emergence Care was created by a chiropractor, from Prescott AZ, Dr. Steven Teagarden, (who had a NDE in his late teens). Even though he doesn't stress that point, I believe that experience influenced this powerful energy healing art form. 

The experience of repeated Emergence sessions can bring on states of bliss, nirvana and a heart expansion difficult to put into words, all the while relieving deep stress and tension in the body and particularly in the mind. Emergence Care brings the recipient into experience of their higher Self, higher Mind and in that state the body and mind transformations can be very profound and healing. With Presence being the driving force behind Emergence Care, I believe it kindles the God self within and therefore the healer within. This work is very new to the scene and very transformative in it's simplicity, elegance and Grace as it helps dissipate the shadows and illusions of the material world held in the mind that cause our suffering.


As the Buddha has stated: Attachment leads to suffering. 


*I challenge myself to hold as much of this Grace, Soul Energy, Heavenly dimensional energy…and in doing so my body tends to have to adjust to the intensity. Just saying. 


Now after 11 years of first introducing this to Austin, I feel the time is ripe to reintroduce the Power of Grace through the I AM Presence, for a return to Wholeness and Innocence renewed. 

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