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My name is Steven Ochoa

 I've been in the vibrational healing arts for 29 years, starting during the 18 years I lived and performed in Manhattan, NY. Performing Arts training: West Texas State University in voice and dance. School of American Ballet. NYC Performance: Nixon In China, Jerome Robbins Broadway, Carousel, CATS, Twelfth Night, Sweet Smell of Success, Wild Party, Zvi Gotheiner & Dancers; Tours: CHESS, JRB, Fosse.  My Healing Arts training: Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Table Thai, Cranial Sacral, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Esogetic Colorpuncture. I specialize in a profound spiritual healing art form called Emergence Care. The benefits of the energy service I provide helps one find peace, stillness from the stresses of the ego mind, body tension dissolves and helps one reconnect to their Higher Consciousness, the High Self.



Emergence Care

"Emergence Care is a powerfully profound healing art form that will transform your life from the inside out. 

It draws from ancient and modern Wisdom, Traditions, Science, Psychology, Neurology, Psychoneuroimmunology and Philosophy and is a completely unique healing art. It represents a significant departure from virtually every form of health care available today."

"There’s much, much more to Emergence Care than just the release of tension.  As significant amounts of tension resolve, the underlying, unconscious patterns that continuously create and recreate this tension also begin to resolve.  This is unprecedented!  The unconscious patterns that cause the mind and body to exist in a state of chronic stress begin to dissolve."

*Emergence Care was developed by 

Dr. Steven Teagarden 

It's hard to predict as far as what happens to you on the table. But here's what to expect on a visit. 

You will be on the table. The session is mostly energetic. I occasionally may touch, light fingertips.. Towards the end, I may direct you to sit up on the table and assist in you laying on your back. a shake of energy on your front and the session is over. As far as sound, there will be music playing, helps me get into Presence. I will be making sounds, as the energies are intense and it takes me a moment to get comfortable and relax into them. You are welcome to make sounds if you are so moved. You are also welcome to move on the table, readjust, laugh, cry... This is different than any energetic healing out there. And that's all it is, different. Each session is unique to the client. For me it's intuitive and beautifully guided. It feels like a dance. 

The best outcome would be for thoughts to be harder to hang onto. Look on my testimonials page for an idea of possibility.


So, just to restate, someone is on a table. I go into Presence, deeper Presence and energy flows through, activating the energy points, shushumna, nadis, chakras. It's like a reboot., nervous system calming., Like sweeping out the cobwebs and dropping the backpack of stories you've been carrying around. The weight can be lifted.

And in that lucid state all things are possible. 

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